Our History
Our History

Sancrea, which started its adventure in 1980 with a modest workshop established by Yaşar Seçgin in the İnegöl district of Bursa, continues on the path it started with the timber trade as your long-term project design partner. In 2005, as "Seçgin Kereste", it has developed its structure with a total of 15,000 m², including 5,000 m² closed area and 10,000 m² open area, with the first step it took to institutionalization. It carried out steam and drying processes in its modern facilities with the logs it bought and imported from the state forest enterprises, and processed 35,000 m³ of logs annually.


It became a brand with the name "SANCREA", which it bought in 2013, and started to produce chairs, tables and armchairs in an area of ​​20,000 m². Today, the company, which carries out all the stages of production and raw material supply in its own integrated facilities, has become a strong brand that exports to 30 countries of the world, together with the domestic market, as Turkey's leading manufacturer with an annual production of 300,000 chairs and 10,000 tables.


Moving its production facility to a closed area of ​​43.000 m² in 2020, SANCREA employs 460 people today. Incorporating the aluminum production line into its own structure, SANCREA has also added outdoor products to its collections. In this way, it has become a project partnership firm that can respond to all the needs of the sector, and has signed successful designs around the world. Our brand, which stands out with its models that make a difference especially in outdoor designs, has become a company that trades products all over the world.

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